September 18, 2020

A Keto State of Mind: How Ketones Can Boost your Mental Health During Lockdown

It’s difficult at the best of times to keep your vibration high, but with the current state of the world it’s harder than ever to stay centered and keep your energy levels up. Even an avid meditator like myself has felt a wobble during this lockdown period.

covid-19 ketones rewind

The spread of COVID-19 and its resulting lockdown of the population has led to increased isolation and a decrease in fresh air and exercise - it’s a vicious cycle that can put anyone in a slump, from anxiety spells to full blown depression. When you’re on a downward spiral in an environment that isn’t conducive to lifting you upwards, reduced social contact and restrictions on outdoor activity make it hard to get back on track. Drinking ketones is my way of regulating my energy and keeping my mindset positive.

It’s no secret that ketones have amazing health benefits. When I’m in ketosis I can think more clearly, my emotions are stable and my brain fog is lifted; I’m less triggered by external factors outside of my control and more driven to keep up my exercise. Why is this? Ketosis reduces fatigue and gives you laser sharp focus by improving blood sugar control in your body. If you suffer from low or high blood sugar you will know how this affects your mood; ketones can help regulate this. Ketones are a reliable way to avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes and keep you on an even keel throughout the day, keeping you happy, buoyant and driven to be active.  

A4 - Keto Food Pyramid

Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet reduces depression, fearfulness, and the inability to concentrate. If you’re struggling with the negative effects of isolation and want a quick and reliable way to improve your mindset, contact me to learn more about ketones and their benefits.

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