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The world’s first completely bio-available and only naturally fermented Pure Therapeutic Ketones®

Available in a variety of flavours, find your favourite and feel the powerful effects of ketosis. For improved energy, mental clarity and weight loss, this magic drink gets you into ketosis in just 60 minutes.

Pruvit’s Nutritionally Advanced TechnologyTM utilises a N8 MAX NATTM BLEND featuring C-Med
100®. KETO//OS NAT® supports healthy cell and immune function, repairs DNA, and elevates
essential amino acids for unparalleled energy and optimal cognitive function. KETO//OS
NAT® also suppresses your appetite reducing your urge to snack, resulting in the beneficial side
effect of weight loss.


Improves mental clarity & focus
Elevates & sustains energy
Regulates digestion, hormones, & metabolism
Boosts body’s natural ketone production
Supports fat loss

How To Take

KETO//OS NAT can be taken once or twice a day, it’s up to you.


Dissolve 1 packet into 12-16oz of cold water, shake/stir vigorously and enjoy. Can be taken with or without food.


Before 9am - Kickstart your day and get focused with a charged KETO//OS NAT


Before 7pm - Take a caffeine-free KETO//OS NAT and setup your body for optimised sleep and cell repair.